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Terms Of Services

We strictly follow our business term of condition. We commanded to our valuable customer before the place of your order please check our products quality, version and our support. If all are as your requires then place your order and If you have any queries you can feel free ask via live support or our included cell number.

It's most import to start a business with reasonable term of the conditions are below:

1. We have provide simply any service, software and server details to our clients as clients requirements.

2. We have provide all things what we already declared in our website.

3. We have provide the same items to our customer as customer have been selected during place of order.

4. All registered customer are able to customize to billing cycle by login our customer area and it also most important clients have need to login to our website to renewing our product as recurring payment timely.

5. All clients must be paid renew fees minimum 01(One) day before to finished billing cycle date.

6. If any clients facing problem making payment via our website he can contact us via our contact page or live support or cell number.

7. After received server details any clients don't have permission to changed any configuration of the server. If anyone want to upgrade or degrade server he can contact us via live support or cell number Or mail address. If you want to upgrade you must pay as rules of Server cost. If you want degrade you can't refund any money in same months. But you can pay next month as new server or software rate.

8. If need to change anythings of rented products at first you should be sent email to to get confirmation this product's changeable.

9. If any clients want to remove or changed any configuration of server for refreshing or for installation, clients must be bear one-time payment supporting charge. It can be 10 to 50 USD.

10. After received product details our customers allow to get any assistance with regarding. We obliged to assist to our any type of customers and customer must be care to use server and software. If any customer doesn't care way to use server and software than if we get find any issue of unsafely that customer can't ask or request for refund payment.

11. Our Some products rent with money back guarantee. If any customer want to refund payment after expire money back guarantee limitation. This money back request will be denied automatically. If anyone want to refund before expiration. We able to back this payment. If same customer don't show or don't find any reason to money back request. It also will be denied to refund money.

12. If we need to configure or manage any rented server Or need to contact to customer for any important issue our support have permission contact first with email or cell number, If anyone does't response via email or cell supporter can manage and configure anythings without customer permission.

13. Our installed all rented VOIPSwitch Server included with a free PC dialer and Customer Requirements Modules. Our provide PC dialer or any Modules does't work then customer must get to resolve it with our technical supporter. Any customer do use any free PC dialer or any third party free software then if customer facing any problem our technical supporter doesn't have have permission to support and resolve issue for third party software.

14. Data center power transformer 10 min rest in every 60 days, for this all customer need to restart their own server after restart data center.

15. We don't allow money back guarantee for any onetime products and services. If any customer received onetime service or any onetime software files he can't request for money back via Paypal or Payoneer. If anyone do it our technical team able to power to reject same customer all services.

16. If any customer do delay to payment renew fees after expiration date. Same server data can be loss or deleted. Same type customer can't report any things about this issue. Same type server fees does't refundable. If customer want to recover his old data he/she can order to recover with extra fees. If data is available.

We hope that you have introduce with good experience on our support and services. We love our work and we respect our clients.

Thanks for reading our Terms and Condition.


Star your vos3000 Server rent business with vos300 version 2.4
You will get with this package:
Full Vos3000 Package
1. apache-tomcat-5.5.15.tar.gz
2. emp-2.1.2-4.noarch.rpm
3. ivr-2.1.2-4.i586.rpm
4. jdk-6u19-linux-i586.rpm
5. mbx3000-2.1.2-4.i586.rp...

Multi Purpose Accounts Management Software only 25,000 BDT

ncluded Load, Deposit, Share and Auodit tab

Automatic Days and Interest Count
Automatic Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports
Automatic Statement Generate
Date base reports

Easy Manage and Control with Branch and Assistant Modules



Anti Hacker Secure tools with extra firewall included
You can manage IP table by admin panel
included also Asterisk remover
included also VOS300 Offline killer

Demo Link:
for user and password contact...

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